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illustration & animation

flare // 2021

"The ethereal short film, Flare, invites the viewer into a world where female bodies have a voice. By letting the body speak, we embrace its beauty, vulnerability, diversity and powerful sensuality. Produced by an all-female identifying team."

To avoid censoring on social media I was asked by the all- female identifying team of The Flare Project to come up with a unique statement idea on how to give censorship a beautiful and yet bold twist.  

Directed by Borbala Szelei
Words: Female bodies
Production: Vermillion
Producer: Liga Megne
Assistant director: Alakina Mann
Production Assistant: Katharina Grob
Cinematographer: Alina Albrecht
1st AC: Elisabeth Börnicke & Kristiana Abrasheva
2nd AC: Sonja Madani
Voice over: Alakina Mann
Set design: Orsi Orban
Floral design: Wishbone Studio
Art director: Monika Kozub
Sound recordist: Franziska Neumeister
HMU: Janette Peters
Location: Valeria Benner
Editor: Vigdís Erla
Colourist: Andrea Gomez
Editor & Colourist Rep: SEC Studio
Music composer: Inga Magnes Weisshappel ⁣
Cello: Bison Rouge
Violin: Fatmanur Sahin
Drummer on set: Nesrin Salepci
Sound Studio: Schwarm Studio
Sound engineer: Louis Mcguire
Sound Design, Audio Reproduction & Mixing: Sarah Kivi
Audio Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Rosaline Yuen
Location: Valeria Benner
GFX design: Solenn Robic
Illustration: Stefanie Berkmann
Wardrobe: Moons&Junes
Installation: MINTA by Orsi Orban
Equipment: RGB Rental
Casting: Realppl

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